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BFA Captains Program

Applications now open to become part of the 2023 BFA Captains team. All applications are due by Sunday, May 21.

Baseball For All Captains are a handpicked group of high school-aged girls in baseball who have been selected based on their vision, drive, and experience to help shape the future of girls baseball. During monthly leadership meetings, these Captains speak with leaders in the baseball communities and discuss ways they can build girls baseball in their own communities. By the end of the calendar year, each Captain has the opportunity to mentor a Baseball For All Junior Captain, and will complete her own project to encourage, inspire, and/or create opportunities for other girls in baseball.

In 2022, the Captains program was led by BFA alumnae, Justice Alcantar, Beth Greenwood, and Kelsie Whitmore.

Here’s a look at what the 2021 team of BFA Captains accomplished—and stay tuned to see the projects from 2022 BFA Captains.


2021 Captains

Alex Adler, 17

New Jersey

Havana Alcantar, 15

San Francisco, CA

Paola Calderon, 19

Brooklyn, NY

Rebekah Camp, 17


Nadia Chernich, 15

Fairbanks, AK

Athena Clendaniel, 16


Taylor Daniels, 18

Winnetka, IL

Maggie Foxx, 15

Bedford, NH

Maggie Heaphy, 14


Josephine Kinlan, 16

New York

Alyssa Lee, 17

Los Angeles, CA

Sophia Mathewson, 18

Cape Coral, FL

Lily Pasquerelli, 16


Lilly Rechlitz, 16


Alice Stillerman, 14

Washington, DC

BFA Junior Captains

APPLICATIONS OPEN SOON to join the 2023 team of BFA Junior Captains. Must currently be in grades 6th – 8th to be eligible. 

Baseball For All Junior Captains is reserved for junior high girls who want to make an impact on the future of girls baseball.  Each player is handpicked from a pool of applicants and is carefully matched with a high school-aged Baseball For All Captain to receive regular mentorship and support. To help put their learned leadership skills into action, BFA Junior Captains develop and execute an independent project to help build awareness and create opportunities for other girls in baseball within their local communities.

Take a look at what the 2021 team of BFA Junior Captains accomplished.


2021 Junior Captains

Sarah Domin, 12

Warners, NY

Fiona Gannon, 13

New York

Nina Keefe, 12

Washington, DC

Arden Hittner, 13

Los Angeles, CA

Zoe Nance, 12


Sophia Trendl, 13

Washington, DC

Katelynn Weller, 14

Temecula, CA

Natalia Weinstein, 11

Washington, DC

Past Captains

Paloma Benach, 16

Washington, DC

Paloma Benach

Rebekah Camp, 16

Athens, GA

Athena Clendaniel, 15

Anchorage, AK

Athena Clendaniel

Taylor Daniels, 17

Winnetka, IL

Taylor Daniels

Carina Docena, 15

Fremont, CA

Carina Docena

Olivia Keane, 16

Bend, OR

Olivia Keane

Josephine Kinlan, 15

Bronx, NY

Josephine Kinlan

Patsy Lane, 16

Anaheim, CA

Patsy Lane, 16

Alyssa Lee, 16

Torrance, CA

Sophia Mathewson, 17

Cape Coral, FL

Sophia Mathewson

Maggie Paulovich, 15

Albany, CA

Maggie Paulovich

Olivia Pichardo, 15

Queens, NY

Olivia Pichardo

Alexandria Ruzekowicz, 16

Syracuse, NY

Alexandria Ruzekowicz

Steffi Smith, 16

Albany, CA

Steffi Smith

Sophie Zuckman, 15

Rockville, MD

Sophie Zuckman

Havana Mia Alcantar, 13

San Francisco, CA

Yasmeen Aubrey, 13

Falmouth, MA

Diya Buonincontro, 12

Algonquin, IL

Nadia Chernich, 14

Fairbanks, AK

Kennedi Cotter, 13

Bayonne, NJ

Sarah Domin, 11

Warners, NY

Maggie Foxx, 14

Bedford, NH

Maggie Heaphy, 13

Charlottesville, VA

Christina Noonan, 14

Concord, CA

Kaylee Rivera, 12

Roxbury, MA

Alice Stillerman, 13

Washington, DC

Katelynn Weller, 12

Temecula, CA

Justice Alcantar, 18

San Francisco, CA

Paloma Benach, 15

Washington, DC

Anya Bergfeld, 14


Tori Bravo, 17

Hoboken, NJ

Athena Clendaniel, 14

Anchorage, AK

Taylor Daniels, 16

Winnetka, IL

Tess Davenport, 18

Sandy Hook, CT

Beth Greenwood, 19

Amherst, NH

Ashton Lansdell, 17

Marietta, GA

Sophia Mathewson, 16

Cape Coral, FL

Olivia Pichardo, 14

Queens, NY

Lexi Pittelkau, 15

Elgin, SC

Steffi Smith, 15

Albany, CA