Starting a Girls’ Baseball Team

“I started looking for opportunities for my 9-year old daughter to play ball with other girls. We decided to try [making a team] on our own for our fall program. We were able to register 30 girls, and I can clearly say it has been a total success. I would have never tried it if not for reading about what have you been doing. I wouldn’t have thought it could be even possible. It inspired us to just try it. I’m so glad we did. If a town of under 20,000 can do this in the offseason, there is no doubt in my mind it can happen anywhere and everywhere.” – Brent, Parent & Coach

We offer resources for all parents and coaches who are interested in starting a girls baseball team of their own. This includes marketing assistance, tips on how to recruit and fundraise, and opportunities for you to compete against other girls across the country

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