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Resources to Help You Stay in the Game

Under Title IX you have a legal right to a fair tryout for any baseball team that uses public resources. Here are a few resources that can help you prepare for a meeting with your Athletic Director or Coach.



In November 2009, the NCAA ruled baseball and softball are two different sports. A school having a softball team is not a legal reason why a girl could be denied an opportunity to play baseball. Download NCAA Document


Women’s Sport Foundation

The Women’s Sport Foundation provides multiple resources on your daughter’s rights under Title IX, including a tryout for the baseball team. Click here for WSF website


High School Baseball Tryouts: A Success Story

“A few weeks ago we contacted you asking for help for my daughter, as she was told she could not try out for her school baseball team because she was a girl. We reviewed all the information you provided us and were better prepared to talk again with the school.

“After providing them with the information on her rights they agreed to allow her to try out. So after a very long week of try outs today she was informed not only did she make the team but she finished in the top 3. She was so happy not only that she made the team but during the try outs she was treated just like everyone else. I think it is wonderful that there are people like yourselves who are there to help girls follow their dreams!”