BFA Women’s College Club Baseball Championships


This March, we are proud to host the first BFA Women’s College Club Championships. This year’s historic event will welcome four teams to Southern California, where they will compete in games at the MLB Youth Academy in Compton, and attend special events at the Los Angeles Dodgers Academy in Redondo Beach.

Over the past six months, we have partnered with students across the country to jumpstart Women’s College Club Baseball teams. This inaugural event will welcome four of them: California State University at Fullerton, Montclair State University, Occidental College, and the University of Washington. This is the first time in over 100 years since women in college have had an opportunity to compete against other women’s collegiate baseball teams—and we are thrilled to welcome these four teams to this inaugural event. 

During the course of the weekend, players will have an opportunity to network with other Women’s College Club Baseball teams, compete against other teams at an MLB facility, attend an exclusive training session with the seasoned Los Angeles Dodgers Training Academy staff, and more.  

This Championship is part of the larger BFA Women’s College Baseball initiative, as we work to establish Women’s College Baseball as an official NCAA Emerging Sport.  

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Find the game schedule HERE.

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