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BFA College Baseball Program

At Baseball For All, our primary mission is to build gender equity in baseball by providing girls with opportunities to play, coach, and lead. Since 2015, we have succeeded in creating a framework that has fostered the establishment of an unprecedented number of girls’ baseball teams across the country. As of 2020, we have a strong network of girls’ baseball organizations, with over 50 teams across five age divisions in the United States alone.

As we look to the future, we seek to create systemic change for girls in baseball: to provide a path forward for women playing the sport. Since the opportunities don’t currently exist—we’re here to create them, starting with college baseball.

Why college baseball?

The opportunity to play baseball in college is imperative to the development of baseball for girls and women. Girls need to know that they, like their male counterparts, can also continue playing the game they love at the next level. While we support co-ed college baseball—with a few of our alumnae playing and coaching at colleges and universities across the country—we believe that for true opportunity and equity in the sport, colleges must begin to offer baseball teams for women, and eventually scholarships and programming comparable to fastpitch and other sports.

Baseball For All is on a mission to develop baseball opportunities for women at the college level. Our goal is to establish intercollegiate Club Baseball for women across the country—a stepping stone to become an official college sport through sanctioning of governing bodies like the NCAA.

While our plan will take years of hard work, we are confident we can achieve our goal of women’s college baseball—a major step in creating equity in the sport. With the uncertainty of COVID-19, we can’t yet determine when our upcoming 2021 college events will be, but we can start the process of recruitment. We will be hosting several meetings over the next few months with students and faculty who are interested in participating in growing women’s college baseball opportunities.

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