BFA Nationals 2024 Division Qualifications

BFA Nationals, the largest girls’ baseball tournament in the United States, is an exciting annual opportunity for girls from around the world to compete with and against other girls in baseball. As our organization and the tournament continues to grow year after year, we are implementing new standards and qualifications to help ensure the safety of our players and encourage exciting, yet fair competition throughout all age divisions.

These qualifications have been created based on feedback received from head coaches who have attended BFA Nationals. All coaches were given an opportunity to fill out a questionnaire regarding recruitment and divisions for BFA Nationals. Based on the majority’s feedback in conjunction with our board’s discretion, we created these standards to better determine which division each team will be competing in at BFA Nationals.

Our goal is to help foster the growth of local programs, while also promoting exciting, yet fair competition—especially at BFA Nationals. While winning is important, we hope that placing teams in the appropriate division will offer them additional opportunities to develop as players, as they compete against others of similar skill levels.

BFA Nationals Division Identification

The “questionnaire” below will serve as an identification process as to which division you will be playing at BFA Nationals. If you are able to say “yes” to TWO (2) or more of the below criteria, you will be playing in the MAJORS division; conversely, teams who say “yes” to one or fewer of the below criteria are eligible for the MINORS division, if space is still available.

All references to “our team” should be considered as the team(s) you are bringing to BFA Nationals. 


1. Our team has players from three (3) or more states, countries, or a mix of both.

2. Our team holds cut-based tryouts and does not accept all players who have expressed interest in the team.

3. At least 50% of our team plays together in a local league or as a travel ball team that competes outside of BFA or other girls’ baseball tournaments.

4. Our team competed at BFA Nationals 2023 and won the Minors or Majors division (i.e. took home first place)—and 60% or more of those players will be competing on this year’s team.*

*This rule only applies to teams that will be entering the same age division as last year.

5. Our team has five (5) or more players who play for their school’s baseball team.

6. Our team has more than two (2) players who played on the USA Baseball Women’s National Team at the Friendship Series in Canada in 2022 (or your home country’s equivalent) or in the WBSC World Cup Qualifier in 2023.

7. Our team has more than three (3) players who made the USA Baseball Women’s National Team Top 40 roster in 2022 or 2023 (or home country’s equivalent).

8. Our team primarily operates outside of the United States.

Note: This includes “hybrid” teams of which 50% or more of the players come from a different country. (For example, this rule would apply to a team that is comprised of players that are 50% from the U.S. and 50% from Canada.)  


If you feel that your team should compete in the MINORS division despite exceeding
two “yes” responses, please email for a waiver.

Teams found violating the parameters of these qualifications will be given a chance to correct
their mistake and move to the appropriate division if found before BFA Nationals. If the mistake
is found during BFA Nationals, the team will be allowed to continue to compete, but may receive
a two-year suspension from Baseball For All Nationals as determined by the BFA Board of

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