This is My Game #ShesUp

Would girls in baseball be more comfortable playing another sport? Watch to hear what they have to say.

At every level of the game, we’re here to support girls who want to play, coach, and lead in baseball. See how we’re creating opportunities for girls to thrive in the sport, starting with the youth levels all the way through to college baseball, and find out how you can join the movement.

The #ShesUp campaign features real girls in baseball from around the US and their stories, led by the team of Cheryl Van Ooyen (Creative Director, Executive Producer) and Dick Gordon (Creative Director, Editor) and their talented partners:

Agency: Carousel
Director: Erica Eng
Creative Director/Editor: Dick Gordon
Creative Director/Writer/Executive Producer: Cheryl Van Ooyen
Executive Producer: Suzanne Crowe
Executive Producer: Chris Zander
DoP: Kristen Smith
Music: Sofi Tukker
Sound Design: Steve Rosen