Justine Siegal and Baseball For All Are Making America’s Pastime Available to Everyone | En Fuego Now

Justine Siegal continues to work to make sure that more girls get to play baseball and have the same opportunities on the diamond.

For thousands of girls in this country, heading to the park with a bat and glove is met with discouragement.

America, your national pastime has an inclusivity problem. Thankfully, Baseball for All is working hard to find a place for the many young girls who want nothing more than to live out their passion for playing baseball.

While there have been recent success stories, there is so much more work to be done. Kim Ng was named the first female general manager when she took over the position of the Miami Marlins. Alyssa Nakken earlier this year became the first female full-time MLB coach. Those are just a couple of the trailblazers adding much-needed representation in baseball.

But their stories belie the fact that so many girls are not given access to this wonderful sport. “To me, it’s a social justice issue because if we tell girls they can’t play baseball, what else will they think they can’t play?” Baseball for All founder Justine Siegel says in a conversation with En Fuego.

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