Photo credit: Sports Depiction
Photo credit: Sports Depiction

Hear From Our Founder, Justine Siegal

Friend of Girls’ Baseball,

The last few months have been a challenge for all of us. Earlier this year, we were looking forward to welcoming 600 girls to the Ripken Baseball facility in Aberdeen, MD, for our largest Baseball For All Nationals yet.

Our tournaments provide us with great exposure, allow girls from all around the country to bond with teammates and others who love the game, and are a great source of funds for our organization as we grow the game. Many of our participants are on some sort of scholarship to play at Nationals, and we welcome their participation and value the role we play in getting them in the game.

Because of our global pandemic, our 2020 Nationals has been cancelled. We still offer many programs to our players, and want to ensure that we are able to do so. I humbly ask you to visit our fundraising page and make a donation. Every dollar we raise goes directly to keeping girls in the game of baseball.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Justine Siegal