General Information

Field Locations

Bell Bank Park | Legacy Sports Sports Complex
1 Legacy Drive, Mesa, AZ 85212

Fitch Park
651 N Center St, Mesa, AZ 85201

Hohokam Stadium | Opening Ceremonies
1235 N Center St, Mesa, AZ 85201


BFA Nationals is a stay-to-play event. Contact Baseball For All for more information.

Game Schedule

Schedule to be posted soon.

Tournament Rules

2022 BFA Nationals tournament rules may be found here.


METAL CLEATS are NOT permitted at the Legacy Sports Complex. Per their policy, metal cleats may not be worn at any time, whether that be on the field, in the batting cages, or in any practice areas. (Please see below for exceptions.) Players may use molded cleats or sneakers.


  • 16U players playing at Legacy Sports Complex may wear metal cleats EXCEPT when on the mound.
  • 16U players playing at Fitch Park may wear metal cleats.


Parking is FREE at all ballparks where players will be playing.

Legacy Sports Complex: Lots 2 & 3 are the closest to the entrance to the fields.

Weather/Game Changes

All details will be communicated to your coach.

Baseball For All Announcements

Any applicable announcements will be communicated via all-tournament email.

Emergency Protocol

In the event of an emergency, contact the nearest Baseball For All staff member. Medical staff will also be on-site at the Legacy Sports Complex.

COVID-19 Protocols

Masks are not required while in our outdoor spaces at BFA Nationals. For indoor events with Maybelle Blair, masks are required.

Social Media

Please send photos, game updates, and videos to Lena Park:

Twitter: @baseballfor_all

Instagram: @baseballforall

Baseball For All Contact

Justine Siegal:


Am I playing at Bell Bank Park or Legacy Sports Complex?

They’re one in the same! Bell Bank Park, also known as the Legacy Sports Complex, is powered by Legacy Sports USA.

How much does parking cost?

Cost: FREE

There is no cost for parking at Legacy Sports Complex, Hohokam Stadium, or at Fitch Park.

How much is admission for BFA Nationals?

Cost: FREE.

While Legacy Sports Complex does charge admission to their events, we have made arrangements to ensure that all players, parents, coaches, and families will be able to watch and play, free of charge.

There is no admission fee for Fitch Park.

Can I bring in outside food or beverages?


Teams are permitted to bring in snacks and coolers with waters, Gatorades, etc., into the park and into the dugouts. Prepared meals or other outside food of the like are not permitted. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the park.

Food trucks, concession stands, and restaurants are available on-site. Stations to refill water bottles are also available.


Teams are welcome to bring any food or drink into the park. No concessions are available on-site.

What are the hours of operation for the food options on-site?

The G.O.A.T. Restaurant
Thursday: 11-9
Friday: 11-10
Saturday: 9-10
Sunday: 9-9
Food Court
Thursday: 10 – 7  (hours may vary)
Friday: 10 – 7 (hours may vary)
Saturday: 7-9
Sunday: 7 5 

Are the bleachers covered at Legacy Sports Complex?

Yes! Bleachers and dugouts are covered throughout the baseball areas.

Arizona is HOT. What can be done about the heat?

While we can’t control the sun, there are a few things that BFA & Legacy Sports Complex are doing to help keep your players as cool as possible:

  • Artificial turf cooling system
  • Avoiding game times during hours of peak temperatures (12PM – 5PM)
  • Covered bleachers & dugouts
  • Air-conditioned spaces throughout the park, including the food court, arcade, and more
  • Portable misting bottles provided for each team by BFA

Players are welcome to wear cooling vests and the like, if desired.

Why Fitch Park?

Located in Mesa, AZ, Fitch Park is the Spring Training workout facility for the Oakland Athletics. All 16U teams will have an opportunity to play on one of these MLB-level fields during BFA Nationals this year.

How do I get featured on social media?

We love getting to feature our players, especially at BFA Nationals! Tag us in your posts & stories, email us your highlights (, or DM us with anything you’d like to share.

Instagram: @baseballforall

Twitter: @baseballfor_all

Facebook: @baseballforall