What To Do in Harford County

Find all the best dining options, attractions, and events to check out during your stay in Harford County, MD. Scan the QR codes below or check out the links here to see all the latest.



“Harford County is located just 25 miles northeast of Baltimore and is strategically located on I-95 along the shores of the scenic Chesapeake Bay. The vibrant area offers visitors picturesque beauty, bustling urban centers, historic harbor towns, and a variety of world-class cultural and sports amenities.”


“Wondering where to eat in Harford County?  With new restaurants opening regularly and old favorites continuing to step up their game, dining out has never been better.  Locally sourced meat, dairy and fresh seafood allow our chefs to bring unique items pleasing to every palate.”


“No matter the time of year, there are always events happening in Harford County!  Create your memories by attending one of our many annual festivals and our monthly First Friday events.  Our calendar is brimming with exciting events for everyone.”


“Harford County, uniquely situated at the top of the Chesapeake Bay, has an abundance of activities. If you are looking for adventure, creative dining, hiking, biking… the list is long, it can be enjoyed here. If you just want to relax, look out over the Bay, reflect on history, or enjoy a quiet stroll through one of the top 5 topiary gardens in North America, you can find it here in Harford County.”